Peak Performance Program 



Are you a business professional who is struggling with food and exercise, and its preventing you from unlocking your true potential?


-Low on energy and relying heavily on caffeine and other stimulants to get you through your day.

-Highly motivated, but your perfectionist, procrastinator self keeps pulling you back from moving forward or making progress personally and/or professionally.

- Drained and overwhelmed with the amount of information that is out there in regards to living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, so you keep pushing it off. 

- Tired of trying countless fad diets and exercise routines but find no success in any of them.

- Intensely passionate about the work you do, but have NO clue how to integrate your career and personal HEALTH in a way that doesn't wreck your relationships or burn you out completely. 





Our Goal

We help you use food and exercise to optimize your performance through BXA 3 Pillars of success. We'll break down your current habits and patterns so you can step into the version of yourself that has always been within you. You'll gain both the tools and knowledge to reach you peak performance and maintain it for the rest of your life. 

Unlike other programs, this is more than an exercise plan or a boring meal prep sheet, what you'll get out of this program will change the way you look at your lifestyle choices and daily habits. You will be challenged both physically and mentally, thereby changing the way you perform both inside and out of the workplace.

In the Peak Performance Program, you'll learn how to grab a hold of your health and wellness regardless of your crazy work-life schedule. Thereby creating a life of fulfillment and power within. At the end of the day your health is your wealth! 







-Peak Performance Retreat Day

- Bi- Weekly, 60 minute Zoom Video Sessions where we will focus on your ultimate goals towards your peak performance in addition to reviewing your past weeks program.

- Accountability: Access to daily support, personal and audio messaging for level up coaching in between sessions. We'll always be there to guide you in your health and wellness journey, as well as provide the motivation and inspiration to keep you on track. It's not a matter of IF it's going to get hard, it's a matter of WHEN, and we WILL support you through it all. 

- Action steps and resources customized to your unique needs and preferences to continually create breakthrough moments to get you closer to you peak performance. 

- Movement (Exercise) Prescription using TrueCoach: Corrective Exercise, Mobility, Strength, Conditioning based training.

- Nutritional Guidance: Understanding the ebbs and flow of you body so that you can find the right food and nutrition to maximize your performance.





What does the Peak Performance Program Include?

Your Investment:

3 month

Jump Start Program:

$4,000 Pay in Full


$1,500/Month for 3months


6 Month

Deep Dive Program 

$6,000 Pay in Full


$1,200/Month for 6 months